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Enhance Your Product Performance With a Unique Range of Inverse-Emulsion Polymeric Thickeners From Scott Bader

Dear Customer,

We are delighted to introduce a range of specialty waterborne thickeners from our partner Scott Bader, the global chemical company. Scott Bader’s Texipol® range is based on inverse-emulsion technology and offer a large application scope covering a broad range of pH without pH adjustment or chemical activation. Some products in the portfolio are based on a significant proportion of bio-based content.

These innovative products can be used as additives to provide pseudoplastic rheology in aqueous based compositions in multiple applications, such as adhesives & sealants, construction, decorative coatings, wood coatings, graphic arts, textiles & films, household & industrial cleaning, as well as artists’ colors.

Thank you for your interest in our product concept and formulations.

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